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Making Art A Great Experience

Spring 2022

David Frazer

Class Open

Develop a suite of engravings and drawings that capture the student’s experience of the town of Todi and surrounds.

David Frazer

Julianne Ross Allcorn

Class Open

Create an art journal and artworks in mixed media of pencil, watercolour/ acrylic paint, pen and ink either on birch wood panels or paper.

Julianne Ross Allcorn

Jane Blundell

Class Open

A focus on drawing and sketching from life, using a range of sketching tools: exploring techniques using water soluble and water proof mediums.

Jane Blundell

Amanda Penrose Hart

Class Open

An in-depth look at the basics of composition and colour through plein air painting of the local landscapes around the town of Todi.

Amanda Penrose Hart

Autumn 2022

Robert Klein-Boonschate

Class Open

A comprehensive learning experience in which students will learn “how to see with a painter’s eye” through exploration of drawing and acrylic painting.

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Beverly Allen

Class Open

Working from life with one of Australia’s foremost botanical artists, this intensive workshop will build botanical watercolour skills.

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Christine Webb

Class Open

This workshop is open to all levels of experience. Perfect for beginners!

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Charlotte Thodey

Class Open

Exploring the portrayal of seasonal fruit and vegetables with a focus on creating compositions through use of colour, tone and light.

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Why Choose Art Class Italy

Your painting holiday with us will be an adventure to stimulate the senses. Sights sounds tastes and ideas become unforgettable memories. Enjoy a challenge, camaraderie and the joy of the lived experiences in our art classes.
Further discover your ‘inner self’ through immersion in painting and the magical town of Todi in Umbria. Once voted ‘the most liveable town in Italy’ Todi is in the heart of Umbria and boasts a long history of artistic endeavours as far distant as the ancient Etruscans.
You will be challenged to discover hidden talents and return home with memories of creative achievement, new painting techniques learned, new friendships made plus new Italian food and wine taste sensations enjoyed. All this in the surrounds of ancient hilltop city architecture and sublime valley vistas.

Tutored and guided by professional artists in a supportive environment, our class programs accept art students at every level. Painting, printmaking and drawing in many different genres are offered by our art teachers. They will inspire you to see the beauty in life anew.

Your passion for art is shared by our artist teachers and the entire community of Todi.


Professional Artists

Our artists are highly skilled teachers passionate about sharing their skills and insights with you. Their years of experience will help you improve and learn new technique and gain confidence en plein-air and in the studio. We have specifically selected a range of artists with extremely high-level skills in a range of mediums, techniques and genres. Each one is a highly experienced art teacher that not only enjoys sharing knowledge but wants to have fun with the process and the class.


Concierge Service

Planning your art holiday with us is made easy through our fluent English-speaking local Concierge service. From accommodation and tours to the best food and wine, we will ensure that your stay in beautiful Todi is carefree. Whatever level of accommodation you require, we will advise you on the best options and ensure a streamlined booking process. Tours and transfers are made easy, and we can recommend the best and most economical car hire, where GPS makes it all so easy to get around. And what’s even better is that our local concierge, Violetta Chiara Frederici, resides in Todi, has the insider knowledge on the best that the region has to offer, and is always available to assist you personally during office hours.


Opportunities to Exhibit

All students will have an opportunity, if they desire, to exhibit their art class finished works within a Graduate Exhibition. We have secured the use of professional gallery spaces for these Graduate exhibitions. Local artists, local ex-pats and supporters in the Todi community at large will be invited to attend the exhibition opening on the last night of the class. You can even have your artwork for sale, if you wish and return home with an international exhibition on your CV.


Meet Local Artists

Todi boasts a community of many English-speaking ex-pats who support the local art scene. Not only will you meet many of these, but also the local Umbrian artists and enthusiasts. Your time in Todi will be memorable as a time of cultural exchange with your teacher, fellow students and the many personalities of Todi. The after-class gatherings in restaurants and cafés create opportunities for lively and entertaining diversion and long-term friendships. There will also be two key organised opportunities at the beginning and at the end of your stay to meet the locals.


Independent Accommodation and Transfers

Violetta Chiara Frederici is the human face of ArtEX, Todi’s international art exchange association, who provides our Concierge service. ArtEX has developed a list of reputable accommodation and transfer providers to suite all levels, locations and tastes and makes your accommodation selection easy. Transfers from Rome, Milan and even Perugia airports as well as local Umbrian railway stations are made hassle free if organised by us. In addition to budget and mid range villa and hotel accommodation in the Town close to the class studio, there is five star ‘Palazzo’ accommodation and Agritourismo lodgings in close proximity.


Activities for Companions

Travelling with a partner, companion or family? Because our Concierge is a local, Violetta can recommend a range of authentic, exciting and stimulating activities for your partner whilst you are slaving away at easel! In fact Umbria is one of Italy most remarkable travel destinations. Not only are such incredible world heritage centres such as Florence, Siena and Assisi in easy driving distance, the spectacular countryside of lakes and mountains and national parks offers a wide range of activities. Many of these activities are not widely known by tourists and are sure to surprise! Try an Italian cooking or language class, nature walks, wine tours and cellar door visits, truffle hunting or guided art and historical tours of significant churches, palazzi, parks and ancient ruins – underground! Our Concierge will help you tailor a program for your partner to rival your own art experience!

About Todi

Once voted in the new York Times as the World's Best Small Town, Todi continues to live up to this reputation today. Todi is a beautiful town whose people are relaxed and entertaining. Events and cultural celebrations are a constant feature of life in Todi and its towns folk are warm and welcoming.

Art Class Italy is supported by ArtEX, a local association created by locals in Todi to promote contemporary art and cultural exchange. It is not surprising that the local artists and art lovers are keen to meet our students on social occasions.

We also have the generous support of a group of ex-pats from Australia, the United Kingdom and America who are highly regarded by the people of Todi. They have all taken their time in their dealings with us and understand we are in this venture for the long haul. We, like them, love the spectacular town of Todi, its cuisine, cultural events and generous and warm hearted people.

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