What Art Materials do I need to bring?

There is a supply of materials that students will need and listed on each artist’s page. You probably have a favourite set of brushes, pencils, paints, palette knives etc already that you wish to bring. However, to save you the hassle of packing materials we have a good alternative.

We will arrange for artist supplies to be purchased on the morning of the first day. A local supplier will attend with all the supplies you need and that you have not brought with you. Art supplies in Italy are generally 30% less expensive when bought in Italy.

If I am traveling with a partner or friend what can they do when I am in Class?

Our concierge service will inform you of tailored activities that your travelling companion can undertake. You need not book before leaving home but where numbers are limited it may be advisable.

At the end of the first day of the Art Class, you and your companion will be invited to attend a pre-dinner welcome drinks event when we will inform you further of the optional activities that are available. Some of these are already mentioned in the Newsletter page on our website and are available upon request from our Concierge. Subject to availability they are likely to include:

  • Walking tour of Todi landmarks art and museums
  • Traditional Italian cooking classes
  • Guided wine tour
  • Scenic national park tours
  • Truffle hunting day
  • Opera/music concerts, and more…
What Shops are available?

Just outside the Town walls there are a couple of good supermarkets that have a fantastic range of fresh food – yogurt, fresh fruit & veg, milk coffee tea etc.

In Todi centro not so many supermarkets but some ‘deli’ type shops, and quite a few restaurants and some cafes on and close to the main piazza (Piazza del Popolo). There are also shops for clothes, jewelry, ice cream, craft and several local galleries to visit. Our Concierge service will help you locate anything you require for classes, but mostly whatever you need in addition to what you are asked to bring will be supplied.

What airlines are recommended?

There are several good airlines available through to Rome (or Milan but Rome is much closer) with just one stop from Australia such as: Qantas, Virgin Australia, Singapore, Emirates, Thai, Etihad, Cathay and Qatar. A good way to find the best price is via a ‘flight finder’ service such as:

How do I get to Todi by train or bus, after arriving in Rome?

The train services in Italy are equal to the best in the world. Very fast trains between major cities and slower regional trains connecting to the smaller towns. Todi does not have a local train station but is connected by buses to the nearby smaller cities of Terni (if coming from Rome or the south) or Perugia (if coming from Florence or the north).

  • From Rome Airport  take the airport train that takes you to the heart of Rome (Termini Station) and then transfer to a train that will take you to Terni.
  • From Terni and Perugia you can get a bus to Todi.
  • Private transfers from Terni and Perugia Train stations to Todi can be arranged through our Concierge for a reasonable cost, less than a local taxi.

There is an online train reservation service at https://www.trenitalia.com/en/purchase.html

Tip: If you are arriving into Rome Airport, it is best to arrange a ticket at the Train station at the airport after arrival, they are usually very helpful and speak English well. The trip takes about 3 hours.

Remember: Always ‘validate’ your ticket before getting on a train (usually an orange box on the platform or just before) if it is a ‘general’ ticket. The ticket office will usually tell you if you need to validate but it is always worth asking, otherwise you may get a fine if the inspector decides to not to use his reasonable discretion.

The Bus service  is also an efficient service from the Airport. It is operated by SULGA Buses and can be boarded at the airport. It runs 6 times a week but is shorter than the train (1 hour 55mins) and is a direct service to Todi. If you do not get into Rome airport till afternoon it may be difficult to get the bus as it leaves Rome Tiburtina Bus Station for Todi at 4pm each day Monday to Saturday. A$25-40.

Is it worth hiring a car?

Private car transfers: Todi is only 1.5 hours from Rome airport and 36 minutes from Perugia airport by car so a private car transfer So from Rome it should cost about 30-40 Euro OR A$50-60 pp. Much less if you are coming from Perugia.

Our Concierge can make these arrangements for you.

Taxis: If you are staying out of the Town in one of the many wonderful Agritourismo stays, then having a car will be most beneficial. Getting local taxis is possible but remember this is a small town so it may take a while – these can be arranged by the concierge until you learn where the drivers hang out in town.

Rental Cars: Driving in Italy is fun and easy with GPS. Going from Rome airport, cars are easy to hire from the airport. Best to pre-book however. If you hire a car you will have flexibility during your stay but consider how often you will use it after arriving. Confident drivers will enjoy driving in Italy provided you have English speaking GPS functionality.

With a car, going home for lunch to an Agritourismo (farmstay or villa accommodation) would be a possibility. If you bring a friend they might enjoy the car while you are in Class. Combining the hire with another couple could halve the cost and make a big difference.

Parking in Todi : This can be an issue (see section below) if you are staying in Todi centro, as it is an authentic medieval town. But there is public parking below the town outside the city walls with a lift to the town or free bus shuttle into the Centro. However, if you are content to stay in Todi centro you may not need a car at all as all the necessities are within walking distance if you are reasonably fit. The bus service will take you to Shops and large supermarkets outside the central town area.

What Accommodation can I get in Todi

Our Concierge has arranged with a number of Local owners of accommodation a special rate for students and their family or companion. Our Concierge service provides the accommodation suggestions without taking any commissions and will help you with your bookings.

There is a wide range of accommodation available from simple ‘convent’ rooms and apartments in Todi centro up to lavish villas in the surrounding country and plenty of options in between.Alternatively you can access the internet sites that provide accommodation ( e.g Trivago and AirBnB etc).

Contact our Concierge to request a list of options after reserving your place in the class. If you cannot see anything that suits you we suggest you email our Concierge service  with you specific requirements for her suggestions.

We strongly suggest if you wish to maximise your experience of the class and the town that you book accommodation that is easily accessible to the Todi town centre (Todi centro).

What sort of clothing should I wear?
  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • Closed toe shoes for the studio.
  • Old clothes/ apron for the class.
  • Light clothing generally. Average temps are around 24 C but can be  the 30 + C in summer.
  • Coat or jumper for the evening. It can get cool.
  • PACK LIGHTLY! You may be bringing materials and taking  work home  with you . Do not bring suitcases that you cannot manage yourself. You may have to negotiate stairs and cobbled streets.
What Health matters should I consider?

Covid -19 has changed our way of life. We are taking a cautious approach to holding classes and will assess the risks continuously which is why we have a forgiving refund policy. There are far more matters to consider before travelling overseas and you must be prepared for the re-emergence of the pandemic and all that entails. We will require that you be vaccinated well before departing your country of origin and preferably that you have had a booster jab. You must have appropriate documentary evidence of your vaccination status on arrival in Italy.

Todi is a hilltop town though it is generally flat at the top. There is limited parking in Todi centro which is delightful. The main, less expensive, car parking, is accessed via an enclosed lift (funicular) close to the centre of town from below the town wall. Walking is relatively easy but you will need moderately good health. If you are very unfit and feel you cannot walk up and down some mild hills, you can take get a taxi to and from your accommodation at your own expense but you will have to factor in small town response times.

Todi does not have a hospital in the centre of town, but there is a medical clinic. Health care in Italy is generally very good with the local Pharmacy (Farmacia) handling most regular ailments. A modern ‘local’ hospital is 20 minutes away at Pantalla and two major hospitals are located 35 minutes away in Perugia. If you are aware of a pre-existing health issue that cannot be handled by a general practitioner, please reconsider these classes. You can contact us if you are unsure.

Remember : Please bring your medicare card as Australians can use it in Italy and be sure to bring written confirmation of any medical condition with you as a pre-caution. Also remember to TAKE OUT TRAVEL INSURANCE that recognises any pre-existing conditions, if appropriate. Some insurers will cover Covid as a medical condition.

Do I need a phone?

Again, this is a personal choice. You probably don’t need to have a phone, but it is handy if you are travelling with others. It is relatively easy to get a SIM pre-paid card with credit either at the airport or better still, when you arrive in Todi. Speak to your service provider before you leave home about international roaming charges if you need to be contactable from home. Having a phone will give you easy access to our Concierge by mobile. If a problem arises your teacher will have access to the Concierge.

Finally, TAKE OUT TRAVEL INSURANCE. No-one should travel overseas without it!

Contact Art Class Italy by email if you have any questions – info@artclassitaly.com