11th - 15th  September - 2023 (closed for bookings)
9.30am-12.30pm/2pm-4pm each week day
Todi, Umbria, Italy
Acrylic painting on paper, board or canvas
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All levels ( beginners-advanced)

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Charlotte teaches still life painting classes and loves nothing better than sharing her passion with students.

For the past eight years she has held master classes for the Friends of the Gardens, in which students come to the Royal Botanic Gardens (Sydney) to refine their skills, or sometimes simply learn how to start painting.

“I love getting together with a class of people who are as obsessed as I am about painting and beautiful seasonal produce,” she says.“It is truly a wonderful thing to be able to block everything else out and just paint for five days. I encourage my students to find their own style and be true to themselves. Painting classes in Italy are at another level of production and inspiration.”

About her class

Charlotte's classes use seasonal fruit and vegetables, flowers and kitchen equipment to explore drawing, composition, colour, tone and light. These are collected by her from local produce markets and flower nurseries in Todi.

Classes are with a group of 8-10 students over 5 days. You can expect to paint between up to 5 paintings. There is respect for individual style.

Subjects include: fruit, vegetables, foliage, linen & china. The emphasis will be on the close-up observation of nature and light.

Students will learn the basics of drawing, arranging objects on the canvas and setting out the painting according to tonal values and layering colour to capture the light to reveal the fleshy essence of the subject.

Charlotte will demonstrate her processes and techniques and her approach will assist each participant to understand the intricacies of this time honoured genre.

At the end of the workshop students will be given the opportunity to exhibit one or more of their works either for sale or not in an exhibition of works by the whole class. Local artists and supporters of Art Class Italy will attend the exhibition with a commission payable on any sales to the local gallery.

Further information

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Materials To Bring

Art Class Italy will supply a range of basic studio supplies. However, you will need to bring materials OR they could be purchased by you. Your hosts will assist you to obtain any special art material needs you require from local suppliers. Art materials are generally 30% cheaper when bought in Italy.

Contact us for the list of materials you should bring.

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