24th - 28th June 2024
9.30am-12.30pm/2pm-5pm each day
Todi, Umbria, Italy
Oil painting on canvas on board
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All levels ( beginners-advanced)

Gallery of artist's work

Claude Ciccone Artist and Sculptor

“My art explores the wonderful visual theatre that mother nature displays every day of my life. She gives me all the inspiration I could ever need and I am blessed to have the constant need to express her ever changing mood, light and colour onto canvas.” - Claude Ciccone

In addition to his established painting career, Claude has held several exhibitions of repurposed objects, sculptures from discarded things.
In 2021 Claude mounted an exhibition titled “ The Rise of Discarded Materials” in which he created a series of works crafted from found objects and discarded materials. In this way Claude gives new life to things that people leave behind - from marionettes made of rusted metal to ships made of rotting wood and old pipes.
While much less abstracted than say the works of Robert Rauschenback, they are nonetheless intriguingly intricated representations of the subject they mean to convey ( see images above).

Teaching the Art of Observation

""Every corner we turn together can reveal a potential subject for your painting " - Claude Ciccone

Claude has been painting with much study, love and patience for over 30 years. Settling somewhere between impressionism and realism, his work is a dedication to his sensory perception and his overall visual and textural experience.

His attitude to oil-painting is a no-frills approach. Basically, he paints what inspires him with love and devotion and invites others to do the same.

During his class , Claude will spend time with you in Todi, searching for strong compositions and subject matter in the town that will inspire you.

Once you have selected your subject and taken time to focus on its details, you will then be shown how to simplify and break it down to find the essence of the subject you have chosen while eliminating any confusion.

Claude will also be teaching you to set up your canvas and easel so that you can become intimate with your subject without distraction. There will be times when he will ask you to slow down, or pull back, and really study your subject as a whole and then focus on the detail, when needed.

In other sessions, Claude will help you to simplify colour mixing by considering the composition of :

  • darks and lights
  • high key and low key colours
  • warm greys and cool greys.  

This will help you develop the freedom to focus on what it is that you are trying to achieve with your painting.

During the class, Claude will focus on the beautiful structure in Todi, including interior and exterior aspects, and provide the option of setting up still life arrangements if you choose to paint in the studio.

These classes will have no set structure and are for beginners through to advanced students alike. You can begin with smaller sketches or jump straight in to larger compositions if you wish. Together you will get a feel for what works best and just go for it.

Claude is confident that he will pass on to you his passion for painting through his class in Todi, Italy.

Materials To Bring

Drying time and transport of finished oil paintings is an issue to be considered. Claude recommends Winsor and Newton Alkyd tubes of paint for quick drying oils and Liquin quick dry medium. Prepared canvas on board will be the best for transport (up to 50x50cm). For the list of materials the students should bring - Contact Us.

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