9th May - 13th Sept - 2024
9.30am-12.30pm/2pm-4pm each day
Todi, Umbria, Italy
Ink on paper
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All levels ( beginners-advanced)

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This workshop is unique as is the teacher who gives it.

Roberto (Steve) Gobesso is a local Italian Calligraphy Artist, graphic designer and photographer. Steve’s experience in this discipline is distinguished with participation in group exhibitions in Italy Switzerland and South Korea.

As a bi-lingual (Italian/English) speaking teacher he is well suited to taking classes and imparting to students his unique artistic design and philosophical elements of his work. Overwhelmingly his class is calm as is personified by the following poem he includes in his website -

“Raising emotions
is a mistake that induces error
letting them emerge naturally
means letting them emerge clearly”

Lu Ji, Wen Fu ( The Art of Writing)

Class Description

His course will teach a balance of discipline related philosophy; the art of particular movement that result in the finished work; and the history and traditions of the discipline – the mind the body and the spirit of this genre. His teaching will deal with materials, equipment, traditional motifs, stroke order and design as a beginning.

Steve’s vocation as a graphic designer and photographer inform his particular aesthetic that is his “Calligraphic Art”.

Roberto doing calligraphic art

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