26-30 September 2022
9.30am-12.30pm/2pm-5pm each day
1,000 USD (inc GST) - 5 days tuition (60 hrs in class setting), basic palette, social evenings, plein air painting, tea and coffee.
Todi, Umbria, Italy
Watercolour paints and pencil on paper
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Class Open
Drawing Experience
All levels ( beginners-advanced)

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Art Class Description

This workshop is open to artists with an interest drawing and painting in watercolour and is suitable for those with drawing experience, however, beginners will be catered for. Deirdre is an internationally recognised watercolour artist with over 20 years’ experience, with a PhD (Natural History Illustration) from University of Newcastle, Australia.

Her enthusiasm for fine watercolour painting is infectious, and with her guidance and individual tuition you will bring your subjects to life as artworks.

Drawing is the foundation of Deirdre’s art practice and time will be spent on rendering a strong drawing before the watercolour stage which will be the main focus of the workshop. Emphasis will be placed on composition, lighting and colour theory and students will be taught the properties of materials specific to watercolour painting including paper, paint and brushes.

Seasonal fruit, flowers and foliage alongside plates, crockery, utensils or glasses will be sourced locally to create your composition. Once the composition is decided, the drawing will be transferred to paper, then rendered in watercolour. Deirdre will guide you through all stages sharing her depth of knowledge of this unique genre.

At the end of the workshop students will be encouraged to exhibit one or more completed sketches (either for sale of not), along with their sketchbooks or concertina books in an exhibition of the work by the whole class. Local artists and supporters of Art Class Italy who will attend the exhibition with a commission payable on any sales to the local gallery.

Materials To Bring

Art Class Italy will supply a range of basic studio supplies. However , you will need to bring materials OR they could be purchased by you. Art Class Italy has arranged a supplier of materials to be there on the first day of class. Art materials are generally 30% cheaper when bought in Italy.

Contact us for the list of materials you should bring.