10th October -21st October 2022
9.30am-12.30pm/2pm-5pm each week day
Todi, Umbria, Italy
Watercolour painting on paper, board or canvas
Class Sizes
Class Status
Class Open
Painting Experience
Intermediate (experience recommended)

Gallery of artist's work

Art Class Description

Beverly’s class is open to artists of all levels of intermediate or above experience with a love of contemporary botanical painting who wish to learn a unique approach to this genre from an internationally renown artist in this field.

Working from life with a fresh Autumn subject, perhaps fruits and leaves, this intensive workshop will build botanical watercolour skills by demonstration of multiple techniques and individual instruction. The emphasis will be on close observation, accurate drawing, subtleties of colour and use of light to create a three dimensional painting. Suitable for intermediate and above, or those with drawing skills and experience in other media.

Beverly will impart the valuable skills and techniques she has developed over many years to become internationally recognised as one of Australia’s foremost botanical artists. Through her teaching she will assist each participant’s understanding of this time honoured genre.

At the end of the workshop students will be encouraged to exhibit one or more of their works either for sale or not in an exhibition of the work by the whole class. Local artists and supporters of Art Class Italy will attend the exhibition with a commission payable on any sales going to the local gallery.

Materials To Bring

Art Class Italy will supply a range of basic studio supplies. However , you will need to bring materials OR they could be purchased by you. Art Class Italy has arranged a supplier of materials to be there on the first day of class. Art materials are generally 30% cheaper when bought in Italy.

Contact us for the list of materials you should bring.