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Robert Klein-Boonschate

Painting and Drawing - Portrait and Landscape
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Dates 5th September – 16th September 2022
Times 9.30am-12.30pm/2pm-5pm each week day
Price 1,100 Euro / A$1,880 (inc GST) - 5 days tuition ( 30 hrs in class setting) OR 1,900 Euro / A$3,160 (inc GST) -10 days tuition (60 hrs in class setting); PLUS basic palette, social evenings, plein air painting, tea and coffee.
Location Todi, Umbria, Italy
Medium Acrylic painting on paper, board or canvas, drawing on paper
Class Sizes 10-15
Class Status Class Open
Painting Experience All levels ( beginners-advanced)

Art Class Description

Robert’ realist painting style is born of a love of old Dutch masters. Having spent most of his adult life in remote Australian landscapes, he has developed a mastery of landscapes. Robert is also a skilled portrait painter.

Robert also has an encyclopedic knowledge of technique and skills in Portraiture.
Robert is a nurturing teacher with patience and a sense of fun that make his classes easy work of both these genres and a joy for students of all levels. Students may choose to concentrate on one of these genres, rather than learn about both.

Robert’s class will be flexible. He will offer tuition in both Landscape and Portraiture, and students will have the choice to concentrate on one or both for two weeks.  About the class in Todi Robert says –

The first two days we can source imagery in the immediate locality and work in the studio to learn how to prepare and set up a composition. Then we will move on to with ‘blocking in ‘  during which time I will assess the progress each student is making and give the appropriate feed back to improve their skill and technique. On a fine day we can try to complete some small plein air sketches as a group and use this for further inspiration.

The Todi experience will be an important part of the learning experience with Robert who will teach participants “how to see with a painter’s eye”.

At the end of the workshop students will be encouraged to exhibit one or more art works either for sale or not in an exhibition of the work by the whole class. Local artists and supporters of Art Class Italy will attend the exhibition with a commission payable on any sales going to the local gallery.

Materials To Bring

Art Class Italy will supply a range of basic studio supplies. However , you will need to bring materials OR they could be purchased by you. Art Class Italy has arranged a supplier of materials to be there on the first day of class. Art materials are generally 30% cheaper when bought in Italy.

Contact us for the list of materials you should bring.


Robert Klein-Boonschate - artist's images of work can be viewed on instagram. CV and website coming soon.