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NEW – Art Classes in Australia in COVID Safe conditions

Our classes in Todi, Italy will commence in 2022.

We are continuing to monitor Australian government travel advice and restrictions.  Italy has opened up to tourists and we hope that the Australian Government will allow vaccinated students to travel by February 2022.

Todi has very few Covid -19  infections and Umbria is relatively risk free  but Australian air travel and quarantine requirements make it impossible to offer classes in Italy in 2021. We will keep our clients informed of class commencement arrangements or changes as they occur.

But wait…this year we started classes in Australia! We recently held several successful classes in South Coast NSW, a two hour drive south of Sydney at the former studio of renown Australian artist, the late Robert Dickerson and Merribee Gardens. The next class will be at the beautiful historic town of Berry NSW.

Places are limited, so hurry if you want details and contact us by mobile.

Class Overview – Italy, and now in Australia

Our listed Classes in Italy are being offered in the European Spring and Autumn of  2022.

Classes in Australia. Until then we will be offering  2 day short courses at the CWA Hall in Berry and other suitable venues as required. The fee for two days tuition including lunch and morning tea, access to gardens and studio time is $450 per person.

Contact us by email or Christine by mobile 0414282878. 

The current classes being offered are as follows:-

  • July 18&19  Robert Klein Boonschate – Still Life ( botanical/ landscape).


In Italy the art classes will be held in dedicated studio premises in the heart of Todi centro. Located in Southern Perugia , Todi is 132km north of Rome and 230kms south of Florence.

Classes will generally have 10 participants. Generally, classes will be held over 10 (5+5)  consecutive days with a two day weekend interval or 5 consecutive days . Optional activities for travel companions will be available, e.g. Italian cooking, wine tours, truffle hunting, scenic nature tours. Additional activities for the interval days will also be available for those wishing to do more.

Our concierge service will provide support and information for transfers and accommodation along with details of tours and activities for companions and students (on the interval days).

A graduation exhibition with an opening night will be available to those participants wishing to exhibit on the last day.

The Typical Class Program

Art Class Italy offers international students and artists of all levels, art classes conducted by passionate, conscientious, English speaking artist/teachers in the beautiful Umbrian town of Todi. In 2021/2022 our artist/teachers predominantly come from Australia. We will recruit teachers from UK and USA in the following semesters. 

Teaching staff are carefully selected from artists that have extensive professional careers and proven teaching expertise. Classes include a broad range of media and artistic genres including still life, botanical, landscape, portrait and abstract with artist/teachers specialising in their chosen field.

Class programs have been developed by artist/teachers to provide each student with enough tuition to make a lasting impression and  improvement to his or her skill and technique. Students will be tutored in an atmosphere of support and encouragement with regular one-to one engagement and class lessons/critique. Students can confidently exhibit their work in a group show and attend the opening on the last day of the Class should they wish.

Our Art Class Fees

Most of our classes this year are 10 day classes. We break it up with a weekend in the middle. Two of our classes are 5 days (David Frazer and Christine Webb) and one is very flexible (Robert) – students can choose 5 or 10 days and cover  landscape or portrait (or one week of each) in painting and drawing.

10 day class                                Total fee –  1,900 Euro / A$3,160 (inc gst)
[Reservation fee 380 Euro / A$660]        Plus

[Balance payable after class Confirmed 1520 Euro / A$2500]

5 day class                                 Total fee – 1,100 Euro / A$1,880 (inc gst)
[Reservation fee 220 Euro / A$380]    Plus

[Balance payable after class Confirmed 880 Euro / A$1500]

Although we offer a wide variety of genres and media by our artists, we recommend acrylic paints are used due to drying time and travelling with oil painting. Additionally, taking oil paints into Italy may be prohibited.

Our classes include

  • 6 hours per day tuition, plus 1.5 hours for lunch;
  • complementary basic of paint and printing materials necessary for class;
  • art materials and supplies available for purchase by students on day one;
  • transport to plein air painting sites;
  • studio time and necessary studio equipment;
  • two social evenings (first night welcome & exhibition opening)
  • a group exhibition for students on the last day;
  • occasional light lunch, plus tea and coffee daily.

Our Concierge service will provide assistance in

  •  choosing and booking accommodation;
  •  arranging transfers from Rome & Perugia airports or Terni station
  •  booking optional activities for students and companions
  • answering inquiries from companions while students are in class.

How to Book your Class

Lets get started (tip: print this page and  also follow tips).

There is a limited number of places and we will inform you when there are only a few (3) places left and when the Class is fully booked. If you follow these steps below you will be in the best position to secure your place in the Art Class of your choice.

Step 1. Choose which art class suits you best (tip: challenging oneself is the best way to improve but if you have health issues get advice whether you should travel).

Step 2. Check the dates and the workshop description ( tip: check your passport is valid for the entire time you are away and have a quick look on line to see that there are flights available so you arrive a few days before the Class starts).

Step 3. Go to the booking section of the Artist’s class that you want to attend.

Step 4. Indicate that you have read, understood and accepted the conditions of the service that is being provided and the refund policy.

Step 5. Complete the booking form and payment details to pay your reservation fee or deposit to reserve your place. We will need to reach sufficient places reserved for the class to proceed, so do not book your flight and accommodation until the class is confirmed.

Step 6. From the date we email you that the class  is confirmed or if already confirmed and you have  7 days to request a refund if you decide to not attend the class.  Those who attend  should be able to make suitable travel arrangements in that time to book  flights and accommodation within that 7  days (tip: use our Concierge service provided so that you get your accommodation and transfers sorted as well).

Step 7. Pay the balance of your tuition fees (tip: As class numbers are limited it would be best to do this as soon as your accommodation and flight is booked).

Step 8. Review the art materials that are recommended to bring and assemble them in your packed luggage with care to ensure there are no mishaps resulting in ruined clothes etc. (tip : use Lockable plastic bags and architects plastic tubes for paper or canvas to take and/or return home with. Some cardboard tubes will be available in Italy).

Step 9. Make sure you have both travel and medical insurance and bring your medicare card with written confirmation of any medical issues you have (tip: Italy has reciprocal arrangements with Australia regarding Medicare).

Step 10. Get on your flight and relax. (tip: compression socks from the chemist will save your legs -calves and ankles- from a few days of painful swelling depending on your age).