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Todi is a city of art with a wealth of extraordinarily valuable architecture, immersed in the gently rolling Umbrian hills, with a mosaic of settings, colours and fragrances.

Parks, gardens and tree-lined streets satisfy visitors’ cultural and recreational needs, making the city more liveable and accessible to people and families.

A visit to the historic centre should begin from the Oberdan Gardens (named after Italian Risorgimento patriot Guglielmo Oberdan), offering a stunning view of part of the city as well as the Middle Tiber Valley. Yet, Rocca Park is considered to be the real “lungs” of the city, and at 411 m.a.s.l. is also the city’s highest point. Its walls were built by Cardinal Egidio Albornoz in 1373, commissioned by Pope Gregory XI to defend and watch over the city (recently re-conquered by the Church).

Just outside the historic centre, near Porta Amerina, found along the outermost walls of the city built during the Middle Ages and better known as Porta Fratta to Todi residents, there is a playground with anything a child might want. Just a few kilometres from Todi, in Cappuccini, Quartiere Europa has a green space which is used as a gathering spot and play area for children, young people and the area’s residents. There is a playground inside the park, making it the ideal place for a picnic and a nature stroll.

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